How many sites is too many for a trellis instance?

I’ve got a trellis instance that I use to house several dozen sites, but I’m curious whether it might be worth breaking them up at any point? Are there inherent issues that might come out of having 100+ sites on a trellis instance(aside from provisions taking large chunks of time).

I’m running on AWS and have upgraded our EC2 instance after php-fpm began sucking up resources and all is fine, but I’m just curious on the community’s thoughts here. I’m aware there are many factors that would come into play, but any thoughts at all would be appreciated.

Depends on the sites and depends on your server really, if we’re talking just system resources. What if the server goes down though? Several dozen seems like quite a lot to me to have all fail at once. I break mine up to no more than 4 per instance, because I find it a manageable size and it’ works for my servers. Ideally, each website would get its own instance, that way you can scale it up/down, but i understand the need to keep costs down, and they can be separated and scaled as needed.

Roots’ best practice is one-site-per-server. I imagine a small number of situations where a few related sites might make sense on the same sever, but generally, for resource management and hygiene reasons, we recommend one each.

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