How much does Roots charge?

I understand that Root’s projects are open source. However, how does the company make money? I have seen some posters discuss that Roots charges $50 per month per server, but I do not see anything on the website, nor have I heard anything on the podcasts.

Roots makes money by selling products: screencasts, plugins, books, etc. We also sell our time for freelance and consulting work. These are one-time purchase prices which are completely opt-in (obviously).

We don’t charge “per server”. You can use our open source projects completely free. I’m really confused why anyone would be talking about us charging $50 per month per server since that’s never been true and isn’t even really possible as we aren’t a hosting company.

It was this post by RiFi2k, where he says Roots does DoS mitigation automatically.

They are talking about Cloudflare:

OK. How much are Roots’ plugins? Are they central to how the base products work? I am trying to figure out what I am getting into. Right now I am just using docker compose/swarm with the official containers for wordpress and mysql.

You can find them all here (only 3 are paid). They aren’t required and you can easily do without them if you want.

Thanks. Lots of stars on Github for Trellis, Bedrock, and Sage. I will give them a try.