How to add a global Taxonomy Term Archive? (Best Practice)

I’ve been a lurker for a long time on these forums, as a self-thought programmer it’s been probably my best source of WordPress (and to some extend PHP) knowledge. THANK YOU!
I apologize for my lack of contribution (I do help whenever I can).

Back to my question:

  • I created a Custom Taxonomy called companies (that’s the slug).
  • I want to have a page that would list all Terms under the URL

I know that I can just add a page and a custom template, that«s what I’m using right now, but it seems wrong.

Using Sage 9 Beta-2, what would be the best approach at this?

Thank you!

You can use get_terms() to list all of the terms programmatically.

Or if you mean you want to have some sort of special archive page or whatever for that taxonomy, then you’d create something like templates/taxonomy-companies.blade.php, which should automatically get picked up by the template hierarchy. From there you would do whatever you want with it, but it’s normally expected to be styled similarly to an archive page.