How to change behavior 1st level nav buttons by default?

In the main nav menu by default first level buttons in roots runs like bootstrap panel component; when click over they show second level menu instead of go to its target.

How can I make 1st level menus go to its destiny ON CLICK (page, category, cpt…)


This is default Bootstrap behavior, not Roots. Do some searching for “bootstrap dropdown on hover” and you’ll find several examples to help you out

thanks for the reply,
I did that search and easily can apply a :hover class to a ul to make visible the second level buuuut nothing to do with the src # of the button itself ;(

Remove the dropdown toggle code from the nav walker (lib/nav.php)

thanks benword!

if ($item->is_dropdown && ($depth === 0)) {
      $item_html = str_replace('<a', '<a class="" data-toggle="" data-target="#"', $item_html);
      $item_html = str_replace('</a>', ' <b class="caret"></b></a>', $item_html);