How to change the public path when using Radicle?

I’m trying to change the public path directory from “public/” to “web/” but I keep having error about the missing manifest.json file:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Roots\Acorn\Assets\Contracts\ManifestNotFoundException: The manifest [/home/myproject/public/dist/manifest.json] cannot be found.

I changed the directory “public” to “web” in:

  • bud.config.js
  • composer.json
  • bedrock/application.php

Then I ran:

yarn bud clean
yarn build
composer dump-autoload

When debugging the Acorn\Assets\Manager class, I still get:

array:4 [▼
  "path" => "/home/myproject/public/dist"
  "url" => "http://localhost:8000/dist"
  "assets" => "/home/myproject/public/dist/manifest.json"
  "bundles" => "/home/myproject/public/dist/entrypoints.json"

Everything else seem to be working.

Any idea?

Did you update the outDir for the build assets as well?