How to combite Acorn's Assets Managment with bud.make?

There is a project based on bedrock. Some time ago, a sage-based theme was added to it.
Now I need to add a new plugin to the project, and I’d like to use the bud.js to build all the assets.

I rewrote the bud.config.js using bud.make() that it independently builds the asserts for the theme and for the plugin. In both cases, I get a public folder with the source files.

export default async (bud) => {
    await bud.make(
        {label: 'theme'},
        async (theme) => {
            theme.entry('theme-entry', ['path/to/file'])

    await bud.make(
        { label: 'plugin' },
        async (plugin) => {
            plugin.entry('plugin-entry', ['path/to/file'])
            plugin.setPublicPath( `/app/plugins/plugin/public/` );

I don’t understand how I can enqueue the plugin’s assets. Roots\bundle() only sees the entries from the theme.