How to disable caching of Blade templates on development enviroment?


While debugging I get Notices about various problems, but I can’t really see where problems are (which line or file) because I get references to cached versions in uploads/cache folder… For example:
Notice: …wp-content/uploads/cache/48fe6cce145ec34ddb9f2e325900b88838033a8d.php on line 14
What is the proper way to debug it or is there any easy way to disable cache for Blade templates?

Since Blade cache files holds the real PHP code that is parsed from the Blade file, I simply check the line in the cache file that the error states is the culprit. Even if that line is not the exact Blade code that you have written, you should be able to work out in which Blade file the erroneous code exists.

Installing this (or a similar) plugin makes the process of calculating where the error comes from even faster since you probably wont have to open the cache-file at all

Is this PHP Whoops library already available in core of roots somewhere?

“Whoops is a PHP error handler framework that came pre-installed in Laravel 4 and was later removed with the Laravel 5.0 release. It was announced this week that Whoops will be making a come back in Laravel 5.5.”

Had not heard of it before myself, thanks @folbert

I am pretty sure that Whoops is not included in Roots. But the plugin I linked to takes care of adding it to your vendor directory.

Or if you don’t want the entire plugin you could just install

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