How to enable basic http authentication - disabled by default?

Does Bedrock disable basic http authentication reuqests?

I have an issue to connect my site REST API through an basic http reuqest to a service.

I tried a different theme, a different, hosting and different wordpress (without) Bedrock and it works.

I am a complete beginner but i assume this is connected to the design of my Wordpress being developed with Bedrock.

I would be very helpful for any hints on how to solve the issue.

Kind Regards

Basic auth is more something that would be controlled by the server rather than bedrock or PHP code. Have you tried bedrock on that other server? I’d imagine you’d have the same results.

It’s difficult to suggest much as we don’t know how you are performing your requests. Maybe some code would help? And I assume that the code that works on the other server is the exact same as the one on the server that doesn’t?

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