How to force indexing on staging site?

I know it’s not a typical use case, but I’ve ended up hosting my production site as a static site on s3/cloudfront and am only using my staging site to generate the static version… I’ve got everything working perfectly with the exception of allowing search engine indexing and i haven’t figured out how to re-enable it…

I haven’t dug super deep into it yet as the site is already live and i JUST realized that nothing is getting indexed and this is just my panicky plea for help as i’m looking deeper into it myself :pray:

thanks in advance! :grimacing:

Edit: Using Sage9, bedrock, capistrano

Sage doesn’t do anything that would affect indexing.

If you’re using Bedrock, it does have a plugin that disables indexing if the environment isn’t production, so if you’re on Bedrock you could remove or modify the plugin.



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