How to git://WordPress with (different) language support

My question is: how (or where from) to git (upload) WordPress in other languages than US. On GitHub exists repo for WordPress (that refresh every 15min) but no language support. How to get languages (in git way)?

From, it says:

On your site server, create a new folder in your /wp-content OR
/wp-includes directory called /languages.

If you’re using Git to manage WP (like as a submodule), you should be adding the language files into your wp-content folder since that will always be in your Git repository.

That is the point i github Wordpress but no language suport, I must instaled separetly.

I’m not sure what the problem is. No matter how you install WP you still need to do the language files separately.

No you are wrong. When I download zip installation I download it with language support for selected language . If I want wordpress as git submodule in project I get it without language support. My question is just that “can I in some way gitit with language support in selected language”.
But I think what you are trying to explain to me that if I want to create wordpress starting repo I can use wp submodule and copy of language directory because it changes very little or whatever. So I need zip file afterall.

Yes, I’m saying that you should leave your WP submodule intact from the official GitHub repo and download the languages file you need into your wp-content folder and commit them (since that folder is managed in Git anyway).