How to handle manifest.json config in repo

the assets/manifest.json file has a config “devUrl” which is used for browser-sync. When committing to a repository however a teammembers devUrl is bound to be different. How is this supposed to be handled?

I see in the repo an “” file is listed. Is that what is .gitgnore’d?

How can I set up manifest.json so it is included in the repo yet the devUrl reads from a local config and doesn’t have to be reset everytime it’s pulled?

The devUrl doesn’t need to be different, nor should it be if you are working with multiple people.

For one, bedrock-ansible can be part of the project structure and everyone can be using the exact same VM and dev environment.

Even if people are using slightly different dev environments, they should still be able to set up the fake dev URL. If someone is still using http://localhost for all their dev work, like MAMP, then perhaps it’s time for that one to start exploring how to use Vagrant.

If for some reason a team member’s URL absolutely needs to be different, I don’t know if I have a great solution. Perhaps gitignore the file and keep an example file in the repo. That adds to the project setup each time though.


I’ll dive into Vagrant, thanks!