How to handle WP_Query results on a blade template

I’m using Sober\Controller class, and I want to show some random testimonials on my homepage. they are a custom post type simple custom post type. it supports title, editor and thumbnail

     namespace App;
    use Sober\Controller\Controller;
    use WP_Query;

    class FrontPage extends Controller {
    	public function random_testimonials() {
	    $args = array(
	    	'post_type' => 'testimonios',
	    	'orderby'	=> 'rand',
	    	'posts_per_page' => 3,
	    $the_query = new WP_Query( $args );
	    return $the_query;

my problem is not having a clue on how to get those values on the template, tried several things… this is what i think its the closest thing to make the foreach to work, but the variable i’m trying to return is wrong

     <section class="testimonials">
             @foreach($random_testimonials as $testimonial)
                 {{ $testimonial['post_title'] }}

this returns:
Notice: Undefined index: post_title in cache/compiled/ec1ff1ab1f0ae04c6d6f8ab597a68a8965a06a47.php on line 40

nothing seems to work… starting to freak out…


this is the return from the function using


Based on your print_r, maybe try looping



Or you could try looping through the posts:

@while($random_testimonials->have_posts()) @php($random_testimonials->the_post())
  {!! get_the_title() !!}
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Hello people !
I have a proposition slight_smile:

in my controller “App.php”

     * Show 2 random projects
     * @return array
    public static function getRandomProjects(int $nbProjects)
        // choose $nbProjects projects from portfolio
        $args =  array(
            'post_type' => 'portfolio',
            'orderby'        => 'rand',
            'posts_per_page' =>  $nbProjects,
        $projects = new \Wp_Query($args);
        if ($projects->have_posts()) {
            // get the total of projet
            // $totalNbProjects = wp_count_posts( 'portfolio' )->publish;
            return $projects;
        } else {
            return "no project";


And in my “front.blade.php”

  @php $projects = App::getRandomProjects(2); @endphp
    <section class="projects">
      <h2 class="section-title">Quelques réalisations</h2>
      @foreach($projects->get_posts() as $project)
        {{ $project->post_title }}

What about it ?