How to implement Bedrock (Sage) into VVV?

Hi guys,

could anyone help me out? I tried to search the forum but couldn’t find anything.

Thank you.

VVV is not a Roots project, and VVV sets up the WP install for you. It would take some reverse engineering to install a Bedrock installation with VVV.

Why not use bedrock-ansible? It contains a similar amount of auto-provisioning as VVV, but is built to be used with Bedrock.

Thank you for such quick response. I definitely plan to look into bedrock-ansible. This might be a newbie question but is it possible to create multiple sites (I mean hosts not a multisite) easily like for example in here?

Thank you.

Maybe I will simplify what I would like to. I am more than willing to pay for some tutorial/screencast on this:

  1. simply manage multiple sites within Vagrant and easily deploy them (using GIT), preferably Bedrock and Sage
  2. deploy to DO while using (compatibility with MariaDB?)
  3. best practices for monitoring and environments while multiple people can work on it (different network)
  4. DB sync
  5. some timing on Yeoman generator would be amazing
  6. I would love to see one day Timber or Twig used in the development (no matter if only optional) and best practices of this as well


@Ladislav_Sulc yes it works with multiple sites.

Just define another site object in group_vars/development:

Regarding, you couldn’t use that and bedrock-ansible. Since bedrock-ansible basically does the same thing they are incompatible.

I use VVV with Bedrock & Sage without needing to make too many adjustments. I’ll share when I finish my Air “facelift” as all my files are local. I have a bad habit of never pushing stuff to git.

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I never got back to this and I apologize, but there is a solution for this that is quite simple. Take a look at this repo VVV Auto Bootstrap Demo 1 for VVV Bedrock stack - works pretty easily out of the box and is an autosite script that uses the bedrock stack composer diirectly!