How to include underscorejs? Possible Sage/ESLint bug?

Trying to include underscorejs in the main.js script build, and no matter what I try it fails and throws the error _ is not defined.

I tried downloading the file from and putting it inside /autoload/ but it doesn’t import it.

I tried doing npm install underscore so that it’s in the node_modules folder just like jquery and doing import 'underscore/underscore-min'; but that still says _ is not defined.

What is the proper way to add underscorejs to Sage?

Edit: Perhaps this is a bug either with Sage or ESLint?

Commenting out the following lines in webpack.config.js makes it stop throwing the error, and underscores is working just fine from being imported from the node_modules folder in main.js

enforce: 'pre',
    test: /\.js$/,
    include: config.paths.assets,
    use: 'eslint',

So… how do I include underscore and get the linter to still function?

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