How to install trellis + bedrock

I’m trying to install trellis + bedrock on ubuntu 16.04 by this way:

$ mkdir && cd
$ git clone --depth=1 && rm -rf trellis/.git
$ git clone --depth=1 site && rm -rf site/.git

change this files:

Normal settings in group_vars/development/wordpress_sites.yml
Passwords/secrets in group_vars/development/vault.yml

after that i go to /trellis and run vagrant up. After few minutes I got a message that everything is ok, but when I try to open site I see: “500 Internal Server Error”. What I’m doing wrong?

What are the actual settings you changed? Show us what’s in both of those files.

I don’t understand why, but I removed all files/VM and installed it again and now it works… thanks anyway