How to Install Trellis on Windows?

I have tried with WSL, but the create process gets stuck at ‘Installing collected packages.’

I have waited for nearly 1-2 hours, but it still doesn’t finish. What should I do?

Good Luck - I spent a month trying to get trellis and windows to work

I would look into Lando , and probably pick up a license for Radicle - built by the roots team (its an opinionated preconfigured bedrock) - it comes with good instructions on setting up lando - its going to still take some config -but if you can get trellis on windows working you might be the only person im currently aware of lol -

With Trellis you have to sort like 5 things and its just guessing which one might work since I don’t think any of the developers are using windows personally

Where to install Trellis
windows, WSL or WSL2 ( you should use WSL or WSL2)

where to install your files ( windows WSL or WSL 2 )

whether to use hyper V or virtual Box
which version of Vagrant to use

and how to get traffic from wsl through the virtual box/hyperv and through windows firewall

its a mess every tutorial is a dead end and out of date

save your self the heartache and look into Lando (or another option - not Local by flywheel-- you can get sage working but bedrock/trellis you will hit a wall when you try to ssh which is important for acorn - local has the ssh locked down )

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I’ve got Trellis working on multiple Windows 10 machines and can gladly assist here.

Getting stuck at the “installing collected packages” usually indicates a permissions error, you can safely cancel the command and your Trellis project folder would have still been created.