How to manage deploy releases at remote server

Hi, I’ve noticed that, at remote server, there are some folders with deploy releases and a symlink pointed to current.

There is documentation about releases management?
Is it a Trellis specific issue or Vagrant or Capistrano?
Can I delete old releases?
Releases with minor changes include entire Bedrock filesystem. Is it possible to deploy just theme changes?


  1. We don’t have docs specifically for it.
  2. Releases are done by Trellis so it’s Trellis specific (but mostly copied from Capistrano)
  3. Yes, if you want to. By default it keeps 5 releases and deletes older ones (this is configurable). Keeping older releases is for the purpose of rollbacks.
  4. No, you should always deploy everything. You might have configuration changes outside of your theme.
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Perfect. Five is a right number. I’m curious, where can I set it up, if I want to change it?

Thank you!

You can add the keep_releases option to this task here:

Documentation on the module we use:

Although we should add that variable in Trellis so you don’t need to modify a core tasks file. Feel free to open an issue on our repo if you want.