How to purge fastcgi cache

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Has anyone managed to successfully set up a way to purge the fastcgi cache with Trellis? I’ve tried several ways and hit a brick wall. I’ve tried both the Nginx Cache and Nginx Helper wordpress plugins with no success. I’ve set the cache paths correct with the plugins and provisioned nginx to use fastcgi_cache_key that the Nginx Helper plugin required ($scheme$request_method$host$request_uri;). I came across this post on the forum which suggested to change the web user to www-data (as Nginx runs under www-data), I tried this too on a fresh server to no avail.

One other option with the Nginx Helper plugin is to purge the cache with with fastcgi_cache_purge module, but it’s not clear at all how to install it with Trellis and it’s pretty out of date. I tried provisioning with a couple of third party PPA nginx packages that came with this module but they always failed on the provision.

Does anyone have a suggestions? The reason why I’d like to purge is I’d like to use the fastcgi cache with longer durations as it will still be better than using a traditional caching plugin such as WP Rocket. But I need the option to purge the cache.

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