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How to redirect one subdomain to one specific page when another subdomain is the main domain



I have a website with two subdomain:

I would like to redirect to with this config

  - canonical:
  - canonical:
local_path: ../site
repo_subtree_path: site
branch: master
  enabled: false
  enabled: true
  provider: letsencrypt
  hsts_max_age: 31536000
  hsts_include_subdomains: false
  hsts_preload: true
  enabled: true

The two domains use ssl and letsencrypt. I tested a lot of things but everytime the domain redirect to Even when I remove to the canonical list… I tested every 301 redirection possible in the nginx conf directly without success.

Any ideas ?


There’s a redirects key you could use to do this. Check out the docs for more info.
Give that a try and see how you get on.


Maybe I miss understood but redirects will only redirect domains to the main domain right ?


Yes that’s correct. I guess you have two options:

  1. Use a redirect in WP (there’s lots of plugins for this)
  2. Use the Nginx includes feature in Trellis. It even discusses the rewrites use case.