How to register styles with media queries?

I’m currently migrating an old legacy theme to Sage. How can I include some css files and specify media expressions for them? Specifically, how do I implement the following registration?

wp_register_style( 'general-desktop', '/css/general/general-desktop', 'not all and (max-width: 990px)' );
wp_register_style( 'general-mobile', '/css/general/general-mobile', '(max-width: 990px)' );

I use Bud.js for building assets. And whole project already migrated to bedrok.

You can use enqueueCss to pass the media:

bundle('name')->enqueueCss('<media here>')

…but I wouldn’t serve two separate stylesheets for two different device sizes personally, since that’s a pretty outdated approach at this point. It’s also not recommended to serve multiple bundles on a page.