How to set base javascript and css folder path

So bud splits all javascript and css files into folders like this:
@dist/js & @dist/css

How can I change the the “js” & “css” part if I want it to say “scripts” & “styles” instead.

Or if I would want my acf blocks to be compiled like:


I have been reading and looking in the documentation and this forum for an hour but can’t seem to find something simular.

Howdy! Check out the docs on paths:

Thanks for you reply!

I have looked at these and I can’t see how they would help me set the output folder for javascript and css. From what I understand, those are for alias resolves when comiling.

Maybe I’m missing something here but how can I use these to change my output structure for javascript and css so that in my /dist folder I don’t get /dist/js/ & /dist/css/ and instead get /dist/scripts/ or /dist/styles.

Maybe you’re looking for project paths? Configuring bud.js | bud.js


No, that only changes the output folder e.g /dist/js/ or /public/js/.

I’m looking to change the /js/ part.