How to test javascript

I am a new grunt user and I was compiling javascript but getting an error, can’t really find it when its compressed. I know uglify controls compression, but I am not sure how to have it compile to one big devleopment file (aka not compressed). I don’t want to have to go through and manually add all javascript files just to test. I appreciate the help

Can you paste the error grunt gave you?

Did you write the JavaScript? If not, exclude it from jshint in the Gruntfile

Ben, I didn’t word that correctly or clearly atleast. Grunt is not compiling an error. Some custom javascript was bad it was hard to locate and read when everything is compressed. I wanted to know how to run grunt without having to change everything but have it not compress the javascript for dev purposes. I looked up uglify docs, best I could find was compress option, which doesn’t appear to work for some reason. But then again I am front end and not a node.js grunt guy

  uglify: {
  dist: {
	options: {
    files: {
      'assets/js/scripts.min.js': [

You’d have to have use a modified Gruntfile and do something like this:

Drop uglify, implement grunt-usemin