How to update sage using github-updator

I’m a big fan of github-updator plugin and it has saved thousands of hours ever since I started WordPress development. But I can’t find a way for sage to work with github-updator.

Github updator requires a style.css in root directory. Since sage hasn’t got any style.css fine in the root folder it doesn’t allow to install the theme. Has anyone figured out a workaround? Is it okay to trick the plugin by putting a style.css in the root of the theme just with the headers?


If you’re talking about updating Sage from the roots/sage repo, we highly recommend against that because Sage is a starter theme that you shouldn’t need to update.

If you’re talking about updating your own Sage based starter theme with github-updater, then you’ll probably have to work with the creators of that project to figure out how to support the Sage structure.

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Thank you for the reply @ben. Do you think creating a style.css file in the root of the theme file will do the trick as github-updator requires the style.css file in the certain path?

I think I should look into this matter and post an update here so others those who are having a similar problem can fix the issue.


That would be great, @tharindutpk. I use GitHub Updater for plugins, but have never tried it for themes (I use DeployBot for that a la Curious to hear if you get it working.

Seems like GitHub Updater wouldn’t be able to install dependencies or do the build steps, though–did you have ideas on how to work around that? Or would you only plan to use it for updates that don’t require those steps (e.g., updates to Blade/PHP files w/ no changes to composer dependencies)?

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