How to update soil plugin google analytics?

By default Google Analytics can’t differentiate between different locations of the same link on a page. So if on ones homepage you have a link to the contact page, in the header, body and footer, you won’t be able to know the break down of which contact button users are clicking on.

This can be easily resolved by enabling Enhanced Link Attribution and adding “ga(‘require’, ‘linkid’);” to ones Google Analytics code. I went ahead and added that to the google analytics soil plugin. Gulp watch was on. Committed the change to git and pushed the update and deployed to server, etc. Empytied CloudFlare cache, but the change isn’t showing on the server.

Checked in sftp on the life server and I see the file wasn’t updated even though it is locally. Tried editing the soil analytics plugin on the server directly but said I didn’t have access. So I sshed into the server and tried doing it with sudo but needed the sudo password and not sure what that would be or where to find it, since I have root login disabled and simply use ssh keys. Tried no password and that didn’t work either.

So that all being said, is there a way for me to determine my root password, (didn’t see in security.yml or user.yml.) so that I can edit the file directly. Or is there a way to get the local of the plugin to properly sync with the server?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

When using Bedrock, plugins are installed from via composer, not copied over from your development environment.

Fortunately Composer makes it very easy to use your own personalised fork of a package. You just need to follow the instructions here:

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