How to update to PostCSS 7 - postcss-import


I’ve just started using Sage, which is great, however I use to use PostCSS which is setup but also the postcss-import, which will allow me to use css files with @import. Unfortunately when installing postcss-import and adding this to the bunch of plugins for PostCSS I have an error saying that it requires PostCSS 7. Although for the live of me I can’t not work out which version of PostCSS is currently install or how to update to 7.

Anyone able to point me in the right direction.

Hey @Jigsawsoul,

Sage uses PostCSS in Webpack via postcss-loader. Currently, it loads postcss-loader ~2.1.0 which uses PostCSS ^6.0.0.

To use PostCSS v7, you’ll need to update postcss-loader to v3.