How to use Tailwind 1.x?

I see Tailwinds 1.x release was merged into the master branch for Sage. A new Sage install however installs 0.6.5 still.

How do we tell composer to install Sage and use this latest release?

Sage seems to be using an outdated version of sage-installer


Why would a new project created with composer create-project roots/sage include Sage Installer 1.6.0 and not 1.6.3?

Possibly because the latest release of sage-installer is more recent than the latest release of sage, and it wouldn’t be an efficient use of the team’s time to go through and update versions in composer files when you can just run composer update?

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Time? I could make that PR in 5 minutes. If Sage 9 is out of date, maybe the docs should warn that you need to run additional commands to not get out of date dependencies if you follow the guide.

Would you need to choose no preset to rerun the latest Tailwind preset?

Tailwind is massively popular, and if you follow the Sage install guide you’ll end up with a beta release, which seems like a pretty big issue to me.

Roots is open source, so why don’t you submit that PR…

I was just trying to help you out by linking to the post that helped me install 1.0, not get into an argument.


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