HTML version of Sage for html-coder

Hi! Would be nice to have html-version of sage with all frontend features: bower, gulp, scss.
I got to situation were I working on the project with a team: designer, html-coder and me (as a wordpress-developer). So if we could have html-version of sage it would be easy to code a layout that is easy to convert later to the proper wordpress theme.

Anybody think the same?

I think you just need “Bootstrap” HTML for that, dunno if it has much to do with Sage.

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My workaround for this is to code the components (HTML, CSS & JS) in a toolkit first and then import the CSS and JS assets into Sage as a bower/npm module.

This link gives a bit more info on why: (the toolkit generator I’ve been using is called Fabricator)


So, I think html-version of sage would defenitely get it’s audience

@romapad it already exists: by @JulienMelissas


That’s awesome! Thanks! Altough it’s quite old

You can also use a Gulp webapp Yeoman generator.

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Hi @romapad,

Not sure that this is 100% what you are looking for, but I have created Feverfew which is a standalone version of Sage that does not require a WordPress install. It also comes with optional routing and templating functionality so if your HTML-coder is comfortable using the Blade templating system he/she could use that.

If you want to create a completely static HTML version, it shouldn’t take many minutes to do that based on Feverfew. Let me know if you have a stab at it and if you run into any issues.

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Ha, that’s my old account which I couldn’t find the login for :confused:
I ended up using Yeoman as was suggested.

Thank you, @folbert ! That’s cool!

If you want to use HTML and Sage, then you can take the chance to implement Handlebar, following the same templating style of PHP

I should have chimed in here long ago. I’ve actually separated the goodness of Sage and created my own Sage Starter for static HTML coding. I started a new thread just for this in case there’s discussion and feedback needed.