HTTP/2 and un-concatenation

Has anyone worked out a gulp file that does not concat css (particularly for old sage 8.5 projects) to reap rewards of HTTP/2?

Still trying to figure out how best to take advantage of HTTP/2, so any of your thoughts here would be welcome.

Sage 9 (currently in beta) might be your best bet here. As I understand it, it does not concatenate files the way Sage 8 does.

My personal plan is to just leave my Sage 8 projects alone until I’m actually getting paid to update them to newer technology. They were built well at the time, and it’s not like they’re broken.

Sage 9’s setup as of right now still concatenates similar to Sage 8, so there aren’t any HTTP/2 benefits in it yet

@maxt you should be able to pull it off at least some of what you’re wanting with changes to the asset-builder manifest.json and your CSS/JS organization