HTTP/2 Not Running?

Just got up and running as a production server using Trellis. All went well and it does display the site welll. But it seems HTTP/2 is not running? I checked using a Chrome extension and it says it is not. I love HTTP 2 and really want this to work as well. How can I remedy this the easiest?

Short: Trellis runs on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty LTS which ships an outdated openssl version. This downgrades Chrome users to HTTP/1.


I am afraid there is no quick+easy solution.


Thanks for that answer @holehan. I guess I will either have to upgrade Ubuntu or recompile NGINX from scratch then. As long as future deploys with changes in code won’t interfere with that then great. Too bad there is no easier fix. Probably will go for the upgrade though I went for 14.0.4 as it had all that Trellis/Ansible needed at the time…

I’ve been working on a fix for this in Trellis:

It works for new installs/provisions but couldn’t get it properly working to upgrade existing users.

I think our solution is going to be to switch to Ubuntu 16.04 for version 1.0 though. 14.04 is already years old.


is there a roadmap of features to be included in 1.0 online somewhere?

Not really, but it’s really just:

I kind of wanted some DO integration in 1.0 but that can be skipped for now.