Http error media upload

Hi there,

On my staging server I’m getting a http error when uploading large media files.
I checked all my settings in roles/php/main.yml and set the appropiate settings like this:

php_max_execution_time: 300
php_max_input_time: 300
php_memory_limit: 256M
php_post_max_size: 128M
php_upload_max_filesize: 128M

I reprovisioned the server but still getting the error. The file is 37.8 Mb so should be okay.
Any ideas what’s causing this?


Do I manually need to restart nginx after these changes and reprovision?

No, shouldn’t have to. You can check php_info() to verify those config changes made it onto your site.

I did and they are correct, in the wordpress media upload screen it also displays the correct maximum upload, but it seems uploads that are larger then the old default value (25 Mb) get canceled.

Might still need to reload Nginx (if it doesn’t already) to have the client_max_body_size change take affect


Should I do that via SSH with:
sudo service nginx restart


Jup, that was it! Thanks