HyperDB install and config

Hi all,

I’ve been plodding away with HyperDB, but before going to far, I was wondering if anyone else has done this, or if there is a best practice for managing ‘not-really-plugin-plugins’.

Right now, I have:

  1. Dropped db.php into the web/app/ folder
  2. Dropped db-config.php into the config/ folder
  3. Added the following line to config/environments/production.php

define('DB_CONFIG_FILE', dirname(dirname(__FILE__)) . '/db-config.php');

This isn’t working yet (getting WP install screen), and it’s already feeling clunky, so I’d love to get some feedback or suggestions on implementation before I push onward.



I am also interested how to achieve HyperDB working. In our production environment we are using HyperDB stuff for allowing Wordpress to use both Master and Slave db servers.

I will be happy to hear for the correct approach.

Ali Nebi