I can't connect to the mysql database via sequel pro

Hello Everybody,

I’m familiar with Bedrock, i’ve used it for years but i am new to using trellis and i can’t seem to successfully set it up with Sequel pro.
I have set up MySQL with Sequel Pro and i’ve managed to connect to the localhost.

In a seperate directory in my /Sites folder i have created a directory called ‘trellis-setup’ in which i have installed trellis along with bedrock

I have set up my environment variables in the .env file of the Bedrock project basically to the root user.

Inside of wordpress_sites.yml i have set all the example.com placeholders to trellis.test aswell as in my vault.yml file, i’ve also set my local path inside of wordpress_sites.yml to /Users/MyName/Sites/trellis-setup/bedrock.

I’m gettin a 500 error, it could not connect.

Both MySQL and vagrant are running (‘vagrant up’ inside of the ‘trellis-setup/trellis’ directory)

I would appreciate it if someone could help me out, thank you in advance!

Hey @sjoerd, have you seen this?

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