I can't create my own template

Good afternoon! Could you please tell me, I am using sage 10 locally. I used to create my own custom templates without any problems, but now I have a problem with the fact that after creating a template in WP, it appears, I select it, but none of my changes are made and the same templates that were created earlier do not work. I seem to be doing everything right, but I can’t figure out what the problem is. Perhaps in several versions of php through homebrew, but I seem to be switching everything correctly

Have you tried renaming the file page-desktop.blade.php or template-desktop.blade.php?

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Thank you for sharing all of these details.

From what I see i think that the template should be working, but your markup in the screenshot from dev tools has me wondering what page we are looking at.

I see a FAQ page schema added to it, and the body classes suggest that this might be the homepage or blog page of the site, not the /desktop-page.

Can you confirm that? Maybe there is a plugin conflict, which is where that schema is being added from.

Thank you for your answers, this is exactly the right page. The only thing I can’t understand is why all my templates can stop working? Which worked before, maybe I’m missing something

Yes, I used different options

This all sounds like problems with the server itself, but I don’t know.

If you’ve renamed the file since adding it as the template for the page. And as you’ve mentioned it was working but since stopped. You might try setting the page template to default, saving, and then setting it to the new template in the dropdown again.

I recall having some issues when refactoring a theme and the value in the page templates from a previous theme and previous files was stale. Referencing the file path of the old file, not the newly named file.

It’s the case with all my templates, only the template for the main page works

It appears to be different, the markup anyway.
But I wonder if it is related to this issue. Sage 9 page-template not working on wordpress 6.4 - #2 by prtkaru they sound similar and there may be a workaround just posted.