I have only production files in FTP. How to continue the project?

Hello everyone! The client contacts me to make changes in there website. But I have only the production files in FTP. I don’t have the git repo or other files.

In FTP root I have the “wp” folder.
In “wp” folder I have all Wordpress files and default folders.
In “wp/wp-content/themes” I have the “Sage starter theme”, called “st1”.

In “wp/wp-content/themes/st1” I have all Sage files structure.

I have downloaded all “root/wp” folder, but the data is setted to production, because I downloaded from FTP (production). I don’t have that folder “app/themes/…”.

I think I have to setup “git” and some development variables.

I know how to setup git in existent projects, but I don’t know if “composer/sage” needs some other things to do, e.g: “create a new project and move only themes folder and uploads…”

Someone can give me the way to continue editing this existing project (only production files)?

I appreciate any help! Tks!

You should look for the git repo somewhere on the ftp (it might be removed after deployment, or it was located in a /tmp/ folder). Usually you git clone everything on the server and then build (using some sort of automation tool).

If you have the composer file available in the root, you should just be able to copy everything of the server, remove the vendor files and ‘composer install’ (in /wp/wp-content/themes/st1) everything.

Hello @Xilonz, tks the answer! I looked in the FTP and has no git. The server is a “shared host” and the first developer deployed via FTP, sending files manually.

I have only the “wp” folder in the root. BUT, perhaps I have good news. The theme folder:
“wp/wp-content/themes/st1” has “composer.json” file.

Then, I have to:

  1. Done - Download all “wp” folder
  2. Done - Navigate to “wp/wp-content/themes/st1”
  3. Pending - Remove vendor files
  4. Pending - Run composer install

The 3º step: What are vendor files? I have to delete all content in the “vendor folder” or I have to delete the vendor folder from the tree? There are another folder/file to delete?

Have a nice day!

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