I need to pay someone to get Roots started without Bootstrap

Hey everyone, I’m in a real bind. I’ve been building sites with Roots 6.x and loved it. But now 7 has just really screwed me up.

Here’s the situation: I need a Roots theme ready to deploy with an app.css file and no Boostrap. That’s all I need. Nothing done in WordPress. No styling. Just a blank Roots theme with an app.css that I can style - no LESS stuff and no Bootstrap.

I’ve tried and managed to get 7 working on one site, but this last one is just killing me. I’m not getting the Grunt stuff to work right.

If you need history, see this: Grunt fails on initial run after npm install

Can anyone do this for me this morning? I can PayPal, send server login credentials, etc.

If you don’t want to use LESS and Bootstrap then why not save your money and just use a version of Roots before the Grunt integration?


Like @cfx said, is there some reason that you can’t just keep using the last release of Roots 6? Just because 7 is out, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to switch.

Thanks. I’m doing that - just using Roots 6.5.