Imagesloaded plugin not enqueued

I watched the screencast and I’m still having trouble getting imagesloaded setup.

  1. I installed it properly and the bower files show up in the bower-components folder as they should.

  2. Then I run gulp and nothing happens. I don’t see the js files in the dist folder.

  3. I added a dependency to manifest.json (not even sure if this is right) and it copied the js file to dist/scripts as it should?

    “imagesloaded.js”: {
    “bower”: [“imagesloaded”]

I don’t see anything that relates to the js file as far as it being enqueued. Am I missing a step here? I thought it would automatically get enqueued to lib/assets or extras?

Thank you for your help.

If you added imagesloaded as a bower dependency, you don’t need to do anything else.

See: - it correctly has main defined

Remove your changes to manifest.json. The script is going to be automatically added into your main theme JS, so nothing else needs to be enqueued.

Oh I see, perfect! Thank you Ben!