Importing data from non-Roots WordPress website

I committed a cardinal sin of working with databases when I didn’t backup the localhost database. Oops!

Background: I’m using the full stack, Trellis/Bedrock/Sage. I edited the hosts file to point the live URL to my localhost until I can move it online. So, in other words, I’m using for both localhost and live website.

Using Sequel Pro, I imported a .sql backup file from an existing non-Roots live site where I need to import all the content.

Short of installing another instance of Roots stack, is there a way I can get this back up so that it’s not showing a blank page? I’m sure there are some settings that I need to customize to use Trellis’ workflow but I’m not sure what that would be.

I don’t completely follow your issue. You’ve only touched a local site, correct? You imported the database from the live site to your local setup. The live site is not Trellis or Bedrock, but the local one is.

Does it not show any errors at all? If it’s set to your local dev and Bedrock, it should be showing errors.

Yes, I’ve only touched the local site and yes the live site has nothing to do with Roots.

There are no errors on localhost, just a blank white page. I’m not sure how I could find those errors.

with wp-cli search-replace replace the domain to match your local domain, use –dry-run to test

My local and remote are the same: I’m not using anything like for local.

I ended up renaming this folder and redoing everything and copying over all the local changes so that I could keep going. Outside of using WP migrate db plugin, I’m not quite sure how to just import posts, pages and uploads very easily using Sequel Pro since importing the whole file itself caused issues.

It’d be convenient if Trellis came with PHPMyAdmin b/c I know that workflow easier. Sequel Pro is great but I couldn’t figure out how to take a .sql full backup file and only import certain tables.

FWIW, if it’s just posts, pages, and associated media you’re after then the basic WP-Importer plugin would probably work just fine.

What an obvious and great suggestion! I don’t have direct access to the live site so all I got was a sql file but I’ll make that suggestion. Can’t believe I forgot about the simple answer like this.