In-person training in the Toronto area

I have a non-profit client in the Toronto area who wants to move development/maintenance of their Trellis/Bedrock site in house.

Walking them through setting up a development environment remotely has not been successful, and I think the only way they’re going to be able to progress is to have some hands-on, in-person training. My physical location means I can’t be the one for this job.

Is someone up to the task? It would be paid, but keep in mind that they’re a non-profit.

About the site:

  • based on Trellis, Bedrock, and Timber
  • deployed to AWS (one production server, one staging server, each running the full WP stack including database) via the Trellis scripts
  • database changes are propagated with wp-sync-db
  • source code is in a git repository (of course)
  • front-end dependencies are installed with npm
  • front-end assets are built with gulp
  • back-end dependencies are installed with composer (of course)
  • bilingual, using WPML for one language per domain
  • uses ACF Pro for custom fields on its pages
  • it’s pretty run-of-the-mill overall, I think, but the most complex/unpleasant part is an integration with a Quickbase database via its API

I would be available for support via phone or IM (“where’s the source code for the Quickbase stuff”, “I need this key added to the AWS servers”, “I need a database dump”, “why this design decision”, etc).

Would anybody be interested in taking this training job?