In search for a flexible Workflow (and the shadow of shared hosts)

Hello everyone,

I have been learning and working with Trellis/Bedrock/Sage for a year now and I love it. One of my major struggle however is to setup an efficient workflow for a multitude of clients with very diverse environments. Most of my clients are individuals with limited ressources so they all mostly chose a shared hosting solution like Godaddy or Bluehost. Although I’d advise them to other platforms like Digital Ocean, sometimes I just have to work with what is already set up.

I fully understand that a Treillis/Bedrock based install cannot provision a shared host. Also, When I tried to sync my local Trellis/Bedrock install using WP Migrate DB Pro, There were a lot of problems since the Bedrock structure was not matching the server’s one. So I was never able to make it work properly.

My solution to this was to drop Trellis and Bedrock entirely and work only with Sage. That way I could at least work with WP Migrate DB Pro and sync my environments. I am also using Local by Flywheel for Local installs, it works well.

Of course I am not really happy with this configuration. I would still want to use Trellis/Bedrock/Sage together if I could make it work. The other major problem is that I cannot use Browsersync on yarn start: for some reason I can’t understand, it just fail to work on a classic WP install powered by Local Flywheel.

Am I missing something? Is there an efficient way to work locally with Trellis/bedrock and still somehow deploy/sync database to-and-from shared hosts? What about Browsersync for non-bedrock installs on Local?

Is there a better way to solve all this?



I’ve not used Trellis personally so I can’t comment on that.

We normally use Cloudways so that we can change the webroot to the /web folder which Bedrock requires, but like you have had some clients wishing to host on their own shared hosting where you cannot change the web root.

I’ve done a few of these, and have found that by uploading everything outside of the ‘web’ folder to the folder above the public_html folder and essentially making ‘public_html’ the ‘web’ folder it works fine. You’ll have to change the config>application.php file to look for public_html instead of ‘web’ but other than that it works fine.

Hope that helps.


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That’s exactly what I did on Hostgator. I have not had any issues so far.

To deploy Bedrock to a shared host (one that provides you with ssh access), all you need is Capistrano for the code, and wp-cli for database migration. Roots have a guide for Capistrano:

I used Capistrano in this way in the past, but now that I can get a VPS for 2.5 USD per month (e.g. Scaleway, Vultr etc), I’ve moved to Trellis.

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