Include single BS plugin via bower/manifest

Looking over the Asset Builder docs and I’m still not clear on how to do this. I have bootstrap-sass-official loaded via bower.json. By default, it’s pulling everything but I long ago commented it out of my manifest.json because I’m not using any of the JS plugins.

Now, I’d like to use affix.js. What’s the best way to do this? Do I create a specific named override in bower.json for just that file and somehow call that via the manifest.json? Remove all the gunk I’m not using from bower.json and call in bootstrap-sass-official? I’d like to insert it into my single plugins.js file. Here are the relevant bits from my manifest.json:

    "plugins.js": {
      "files": [
      ]      ,
    "main.js": {
      "files": [
      "main": true

any help very appreciated!

manifest.json is primarily used for the asset pipeline and to give gulpfile.js access to some configuration options. bower.json is the appropriate place to override/include/exclude Bootstrap modules (for now).

Thanks, @cfx. It’s still a little hazy to me but I’ll experiment a bit and report back.