Incremental/continuous backups

What do you think about incremental database backups?
The uploads/ folder can be quite easily and efficiently backed up using rsync incremental or some versioning file system like ZFS on the offsite backup side.
But a database dump won’t be incremental.
There are some tools for backing up the binary log, but then it would become a long, easily corruptible chain of incremental back ups.
How are you backing up the database? having a managed database? Full database dump each time despite the extra size?

We use Digital Oceans managed db which is backed up incrementally out-of-the-box. Haven’t used AWS in a while but RDS has the same feature.

I wouldn’t have a clue how to go about setting up incremental backups from scratch on a self hosted db instance + happy to pay a small premium to DO/AWS for the peace of mind.

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