Infinite loop when using woocommerce wc_get_template_part() function

I’m trying to integrate WooCommerce into my Sage theme, which i’ve done before but this time something is causing an infinite loop when loading templates on the product page.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot of folder structure and code to better illustrate the issue:

Things to note:

  • Right side of screen i get Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded error (Blue arrow) because it’s stuck in a loop loading the content-single-product.blade.php template
  • If I remove content-single-product.blade.php (red arrow) everything loads OK
  • or, if I remove wc_get_template_part() function (green arrow) and use the blade style @include (yellow arrow) then it also works

So, there is something about the way the template is loaded via wc_get_template_part() that is causing an infinite loop. but i’m not sure where to look to try to fix it!

any help would be greatly appreciated!

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