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Install Boostrap4 and Font-Awsome with sage cli

Hi, I am new to and just got to install the sage theme.

The problem is that the installation process doesn’t ask if I would like to install Bootstrap4 or Font-Awsome.

Here is the log:

Do you want to remove the existing VCS (.git, .svn…) history? [Y,n]? y

TTY mode is not supported on Windows platform.

Some interactive parts of post-create-project routine might be skipped.

Running the sage cli tool manually should still work.

My question is: How can I install Bootstrap4 and Font-Awsome? Is there a work-around like adding some dependencies in a Json file somewhere?

Additionally, how can I fill up the theme information (theme name, author name…)?


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Sage 9 is still in beta and we’re still working on docs and fixing bugs and stuff. Sorry about the confusion.

You can navigate to your theme root (wp-content/themes/sage, for example) and then run vendor\bin\sage.bat commands manually.

Something like this:

vendor\bin\sage.bat meta
vendor\bin\sage.bat config
vendor\bin\sage.bat preset

Wow, that was a quick answer!

Thank you, it solved my problem.


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Explain how to installing and using Boostrap?