Install Sage as Composer dependecy (post-install-cmd?)

I have forked Sage as Composer dependecy in my WP project. Is it possible to “composer install” Sage, when install is done in WP project? Now it has to be done manually.

What is your use case for this? It kinda seems a bit strange since Sage is a starter theme and something you wouldn’t normally install as a dependency since it’s designed to be modified directly.

Or am I misreading you, and you’ve actually forked Sage, made your modifications, and are using Composer to use the forked version in your project?

In either case, what is your project setup? Bedrock?

Yes I’ve forked Sage and have my private repo for it. And then I’m trying to use it in my project.

Well it’s not Bedrock. I just followed this tutorial

Use Bedrock! :smiley: …one option would be to run a script after update/install to run another composer install in the theme directory

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