Install Sage on VPS


I’m new here so apologies in advance if my question is daft.

Is it possible to install Sage directly on my VPS?

If you need more context as to why I’ve asked such a question, let me know…:sweat_smile:



There is the Trellis project that offers VPS configuration for Bedrock sites (that can also use Sage themes): also has Bedrock that helps with making WordPress more 12-factor app-like:

The way the docs read, I was under the assumption I could install and develop Sage as I would any theme - provided of course my server has all pre-requisites. Is this incorrect?

Sure! You can develop and use a completely standalone Sage theme, nothing else needed except a recent enough PHP version.

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Thanks very much for your help @strarsis!

And I’m guessing it would make perfect sense to use both Bedrock and Sage together?

Although Bedrock is theme- and plugin-agnostic (it doesn’t matter what plugins and themes you use), it is often used together with a sage theme (that is also the primary theme of the site). Bedrock separates the data, state and runtime of a WordPress site so it can b e treated like an app.
So yes, if you are already using Sage then give Bedrock also a try.

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