Install Sage with Lando on Windows WSL2

I’m trying to install a dockerized local environment with Lando + Bedrock + Sage, based on the coltoneakins’s guide I found in the forum:

I’m using Ubuntu 22.04 inside WSL2 Windows 10 environment (Not using Docker desktop).

The problem arises in step 6, when I run:

lando start

I got this error:

WARN ==> docker is not running!
Starting docker up before we begin… please wait…
ERROR ==> Could not automatically start the Docker Daemon. Please manually start it to continue.

Then I tried to start the daemon manually:

sudo service docker start

I got OK, but the error is not gone

Docker is working fine, since I have some docker-compose projects running.

Also tried to install Lando without docker-ce dependency, but the result is the same.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.