Installing Ansible

I am totally new to Bedrock/Ansible. I have Vagrant and Virtual Box installed on Mac OSX 10. I was confused when installing Ansible. Do I install Ansible on Mac or install Linux on Virtual Box and then install Ansible on that. I haven’t used Virtual Box or Vagrant before and I am trying to get off of MAMP. Do I use PIP when installing Ansible ? Do any of the screencasts for sale cover this topic in depth?

You install Ansible locally on your own host machine running OS X.

You can use Pip or Homebrew. I personally use Pip. Here’s a good article on it:

No screencasts yet but a couple on Bedrock and Ansible are definitely planned. I’ve been behind on these but bedrock-ansible is finally in a better place where it’s time to do one.

Thanks a bunch for the help, I got it installed. I guess I better start a new thread or look over the forum about where Wordpress goes in relation to my project structure-
project/ - Primary folder for the project
├── bedrock-ansible/ - This repo
└── - A Bedrock-based site

Thanks again for the fast help!