Installing global composer plugin with Trellis

I’m trying to use szepeviktor/composer-envato to manage a Envato private plugin. I’ve tested this out locally and composer was able to get the private Envato Package, however, after adding the following to my group_vars/all/main.yml file and re-provisioning composer is unable to find the package:

 - { name: szepeviktor/composer-envato }

If I manually install the composer package with composer global require --update-no-dev szepeviktor/composer-envato, composer will run and find the package. Not sure what’s wrong. I can see the task: TASK [composer: Install configured globally-required packges.]******* runs and installs the package on the server.

I don’t have an answer for you, but Trellis uses a composer role and here’s how it installs global packages: ansible-role-composer/global-require.yml at fe3708c1fdbf2e789d0aa81a6ceb2d44a334dc2d · geerlingguy/ansible-role-composer · GitHub

So it’s basically running composer global require <package> as the sudo user. I don’t think --update-no-dev should matter, but it’s not part of the require command in Trellis.