Installing WooCommerce extensions with composer on Bedrock

Since WooCommerce extensions aren’t on wpackgist, how can I install WooCommerce extensions to my site? The only option Woo gives is to upload the files but since Bedrock doesn’t allow that, I can’t figure out how to get them installed. Will I have go create my own private repo and link it there?

Maybe this post will guide you

You also can use something like Satispress:


I currently use a self-hosted GitLab server and host the site and plugins there.
composer can directly pull the plugins from that GitLab repo using a SSH key of the web server.
Sure, this is basically skipping the release step and avoiding build artificats (a plugin ZIP file).
GitLab also offers composer package hosting, so this can be a step further.
Or have an automated pipeline that releases a WordPress plugin ZIP to be downloaded by composer later.

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That’s a good idea, I already have a bitbucket account so I just created a private repo there. I’m glad to see other people went this route because I really felt like I was missing something. This would be a cool feature to add in future releases of Bedrock but this works for now. Thanks for the help

The article was more along the lines of what worked for this. I could be wrong on this, but i found that using something like Satispress doesn’t work for WooCommerce extensions. Satispress functions based off already installed plugins and WooCommerce extensions can’t be installed directly on the site since they are technically extensions of the woocommerce plugin, not standalone plugins.

Creating a private repo with the downloaded woocommerce extension successfully installed the extension on my site though

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