integration with Sage8

I have a site that helps people who look after children’s mental health. It’s Sage 8, Bedrock, Trellis, and we have an internal API with lots of helpers.

Our user support could be streamlined a lot by sending some extra details to intercom. We have users, who belong to one or more teams, and do snapshots of a participant's mental health and wellbeing. They can create a program of strategies and activities to do with the participant.

I’ve got the intercom WP plugin installed and it’s working fine on a basic level, but my javascript leaves a lot to be desired. In fact it leaves everything to be desired!

I’d like someone to implement the intercom javascript api to send some custom attributes, and track custom events.


  • User phone number
  • User teams (currently intercom doesn’t allow a user to be in more than one company, so we can’t use that)
  • link to wp-admin to edit user
  • job role
  • user level


  • creates new participant/group/snapshot/program
  • edits participant/group/snapshot/program

I can’t pay until October when we get our next lot of funding - so it’s not a rush job! But I’d like to get it booked in to someone’s diary and have an estimate of cost so I can reserve the funds from our budget.

Give me a shout if you need any more details…